General conditions Taxi Alkmaar / 072

General conditions Schipholtaxi transport Taxi Alkmaar / 072

Article 1: Definitions

In these general terms and conditions Schiphol transport the following terms have the following meanings:

  1. Schiphol taxi transport: all agreed passenger transport by car / bus as referred to in Article 1 sub f. of the Passenger Transport Act 2000, whereby the fare has been agreed in advance or is determined by using the taximeter. Transport also includes boarding and alighting.
  2. Transport agreement: the agreement concluded between traveler / client and carrier.
  3. Car: motor vehicle, as referred to in Article 1 sub f. of the Passenger Transport Act 2000.
  4. Traveler: the person who is transported by a carrier.
  5. Traveler: the natural or legal person who enters into a transport agreement with the carrier.
  6. Carrier: the natural or legal person, including his staff, who undertakes to transport persons by car.
  7. Personnel: staff members employed by the carrier, including auxiliary persons, who are not employed by the carrier but who do service on his behalf in a means of transport of a carrier or a means of transport made available to a carrier.
  8. Hand baggage: baggage that a traveler is easy to carry, portable or mobile, including live animals, and objects that are accepted as hand baggage by the carrier. Hand baggage can be carried in the vehicle itself.
  9. Checked baggage: baggage that a traveler carries, portable or mobile, including live animals, as well as objects that the carrier admits as baggage, must check in on arrival at the airport.
  10. Schiphol means all Dutch airports.

Article 2: Scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all transport contracts to and from Schiphol and supplement the general terms and conditions for taxi transport. These conditions apply above the provisions in the general terms and conditions taxi where applicable.

Article 3: Conclusion of the transport contract

A Schiphol taxi transport agreement is concluded after the carrier has accepted the assignment. A written confirmation will be sent to the client for this. This must agree, after which the transport agreement has been finalized and the conditions set in this text come into effect.

Article 4: Termination of the contract of carriage

Termination of the contract of carriage is possible at any time, taking into account that this is done at least 24 hours before the start of the taxi ride. If the contract of carriage is canceled within 24 hours of departure, the carrier will charge 50% of the amount of the fare. In case of return trips, the 50% is calculated on the next trip. If the client is not present at the agreed time, the full amount will be charged. In case of cancellation for medical reasons, deaths, etc., the settlement / compensation per order will be considered.

Article 5: Pricing and surcharges

Prices stated on the website are exclusive of any surcharges. When accepting the transport agreement, the client agrees to the price stated in the confirmation. Surcharges are calculated for trips to or from Schiphol on one of the national holidays and/or weekends. The amount of the surcharge for the trip to be driven on one of these public holidays and weekends is 35%. The same surcharge will be applied when entering into the transport contract within 24 of departure. Travel to or from one of the Dutch airports within 4 hours of departure will be driven at the legal taxi rate.

Article 6: Baggage / damage

The traveler is responsible for the correctness of the baggage (size and quantity). During the reservation process, it must be indicated what type of luggage and what type of vehicle the client has. After agreeing to the conditions by the traveler can not be deviated from, unless in consultation. If there is an adjustment in the luggage that has not been passed, so that the ride cannot reasonably be carried out, it will not be driven. In this case, the traveler is liable and the full amount of the ride will be charged. The traveler is obliged to pack his hand luggage properly. The carrier has the right to refuse the transport of luggage, which by its nature is difficult, dangerous or forbidden, or which may give rise to damage or contamination. Such a situation will in any case arise if the luggage consists of: firearms, percussion and / or stabbing weapons; explosive substances; compressed gases in reservoirs; spontaneously flammable or highly flammable substances; strong or bad smelling substances; drugs; ammunition. In all these cases, the full fare will be charged. The carrier is obliged to use reasonable care so that the passenger's hand luggage is not lost or damaged. Carrier is not liable for damage to luggage before, during or after the journey, unless the driver's negligence is clearly demonstrable. Carrier will place the luggage in the vehicles. If the traveler does this on his own initiative and thereby damages the vehicle, the traveler is liable for this.

Article 7: Collection at home and at Schiphol

The carrier will follow the passenger's flight via the Schiphol app and be present at the 'collection point' in time. In case of delay due to force majeure, the provisions apply to the taxi terms and conditions. Force majeure is understood to include: the traffic situation or defects in vehicles, etc.

The following provision applies when picking up at a home address

  1. Carrier reserves the right to advance / delay an start time of the ride by 15 minutes and will notify the traveler of this change in a timely manner.
  2. In case of delay, the carrier will communicate this as well as possible with the traveler.
  3. Traveler will be ready with the luggage at the agreed time. The carrier charges 5 minutes for loading the luggage and boarding. In the event of a delay due to, among other things, the passenger's not being ready, the carrier will charge an amount of € 0.66 per minute.

The following provisions apply when picking up at Schiphol:

  1. Passenger undertakes to report to the driver or switchboard on 072-2110101 or 06-46224277 or another telephone number provided within 1 hour after landing;
  2. The maximum waiting time for a carrier at Schiphol is 90 minutes after landing. If the traveler does not report to the collection point within that set time without prior reasons, the right to the taxi ride will lapse and the full amount will be charged.
  3. Carrier is not liable for waiting time in case of flight delays / early departure longer than half an hour.
  4. Carrier will at all times ensure that the waiting time does not exceed 1 hour.
  5. In case of flight delays longer than 3 hours, the entitlement to the taxi ride will lapse, unless communicated at least 8 hours before arrival. In this case, the traveler must declare the damage to the airline. The fare will then be fully charged / not credited.


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